Leaving my country was a real choice. I have been growing and raised in Calabria, a region where is not easy to live under many aspects.

Since my teens I had always wanted to explore new cultures, to “go native” in other countries and to experience other ways of living…

I have been facing many years of unemployment, many difficulties and many challenges during my life.

So when I turned 26, I decided to turn the page and to have a long term experience abroad. My first problem was: how?

Then, to make it short, I found Euroform.

If I shall describe Euroform, my first thought would be that of a “light in the darkness” or “a port in the storm” and there is a big truth in that. To find such an interesting organization with so many activities and offering so many opportunities in a place like Cosenza and in a region like Calabria it’s like to have found Neverland!

I was told by some friends of mine to try to contact Euroform. At that time I didn’t t even have the least idea of how could I possibly go abroad but the staff there was nice and welcoming, they did explain everything to me and they invited me to think about it and to come back again if I wished so.

And yes! I wished so! I felt understood in this busy and nice organization, I was surrounded by people who were showing interest in me and were understanding my urge to travel and open my mind!

It’s thanks to them if I have a new life in Vilnius now and if I have left behind all my worries about job and I’ll never forget their help and their big work with me!

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