Many thanks to all the attendees who accompanied us yesterday in the final conference of the RE.INCLUSION project!

During this conference, entitled “A key to successful integration into labour market and society”, we had the opportunity to present the research carried out and the results achieved within the Reinclusion project as well as to hear the two Lithuanian experts: prof. Egdūnas Račius and lawyer Laurynas Biekša talking on integration issues from intercultural and legal perspectives here in Lithuania.

After almost 3 years of work, RE.INCLUSION is nearing its conclusion. Within the framework of this project we have developed innovative methodologies and tools to enable European practitioners, who carry out services for the social and economic #inclusion of #asylum seeker, to work effectively with them.

Project partners: Studio Risorse Srl, incoma, “Gemeinsam leben und lernen in Europa e.V.”, European Education and Learning Institute, Creative Learning Programmes, Il Sicomoro

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