The spheres of internship greatly vary as it depends on the project and participants’ preferences. The main fields where beneficiaries did an internship or expressed a wish to be involved in are these:

  • Social work (NGOs, kindergarten, kids day center, disable people groups etc.);
  • IT related (programing, webpage development, graphic design etc.)
  • Pets (pet shelter);
  • Cooking (restaurant or hotel kitchen assistance);
  • Hospitality and tourism (hostels, hotels, tourism agencies etc.);
  • Marketing and administration (international market analysis, customer search etc.);
  • Language related (translations, language teaching etc.);
  • Audiovisual related (art galleries, museums etc.);
  • Sales (e.g. international trading);
  • Fashion (e.g. jewelry);
  • Green jobs (gardens, parks, environmental maintenance, nursery gardens, arboretum, forestry etc.);
  • Mechanics (auto mechanics, agricultural machinery repair etc.);
  • Electronics (e.g. robotics).

If you did not find a field representing your company it means we just did not have a chance to know you yet! Let us know what is the best about your company by contacting our project managers.

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