We would like to have many testimonials of our participants. Some of tehm could be a text with pictures and some in video format. We think that this part could encourage and give some confidence to participants planning to come to Lithuania that maybe was completely unknown for them before. The possitive reviews of participants who took a part in the projects and stayed in Lithuania continuing working a real job could be very promising for the partners that thinking of the cooperation with us. Knowing that for the most of the youngsters (project participants) a trip to Lithuania is the first in their life, we think that it is of use to provide

Today we are happy to share the experience Sergio Rojas had while participating in the project MOVinVET. He completed an internship for 3 months in UAB BAIP in Lithuania. Here’s what he has to say about it: “The experience I lived in Lithuania was unique because I was been able to grow up both personally and professionally in my sector, giving me more opportunities to find work in my country and abroad. A different language is no longer a problem for me: at first I was scared, but with time and practice with other people, I overcame this fear and lived incredible moments that I will never forget. I feel very lucky for being elected for this project and I encourage you to participate in too. Good luck and do not be afraid to leave the country because it is great to know other cultures, people, ways of working, etc.”

Sergio Rojas testimonial

Sergio Rojas

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