We offer transnational mobility and training services.

Services that we offer in transnational mobility field include:

  • Internship research and subsequent placement in companies or institutions of high quality.
  • Language Courses (Lithuanian/English/Russian);
  • Monitoring and mentoring during the whole period of stay;
  • Certificates, documents relating to the placement etc;
  • Logistic support during the mobility projects;
  • Local transport;
  • Organization of cultural events, guided tours, tours, etc.

Our fields of transnational mobility services: IT, logistics, international trade, tourism, catering, marketing, accounting and administration, project management, language courses, defense and environmental resource management, social assistance, agriculture, food education, architecture, accounting, graphics, etc.

Training agency

EU Trade has a great experience in receiving students of vocational training and providing the best experts in the field of education and training in the following activities:

  • visits, meetings, discussions on vocational guidance,
  • seminars and meetings on issues concerning the European Union.

We organize:

  • language courses,
  • courses to adults in economic field,
  • vocational courses in different fields,
  • meetings and presentations on Lithuania‘s situation in employment,
  • education fields,
  • etc.

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