Why should you choose EU Trade and Lithuania?

After winning a project a company has an opportunity to send participants to different parts of Europe by creating partnerships with local organizations. We believe that coming to Lithuania with the help of EU Trade is the best decision you could make. Here are some arguments in support of this statement:

  1. EU Trade offers high quality internships for the participants of different projects.
  2. In over 10 of working we have established a reliable and solid network of companies representing different fields (from education to IT, etc.) and offering internship opportunities.
  3. Participants of the project will get an exclusive chance to experience living and working in Eastern European region, which would be highly useful for them as this experience is extremely rare in Europe’s working market.
  4. Living in Lithuania is very economical as Vilnius ranks as the cheapest capital in Europe according to the Great Britain’s Post Office city costs barometer survey of 2015.

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